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:bulletblue: Those are only small examples, for I can do whatever I'm asked to do by my customers. I will accept either money orders (I'll note you with those extra details). And you can also personally email me with any questions or if you are interested. I am pretty flexible when it comes to doing specifics (aka any type of style: fan art, animals, realistic, Original Characters, ect.). I will work with my buyers one on one until they are completely satisfied, and I guarentee anything I do. I will also do 1 free sketch per customer to give them a feel on how I draw.

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Well, you can call me Tina.

I signed up to become a deviant because I love drawing more than anything in the world, and it's an amazing feeling knowing that I can share my art with so many wonderfully talented people on here.

IT'S SO DARK, PEWDIE by medli20

Drawing is my passion and I have to draw something almost every day, even if it's just random doodles. I ALWAYS carry a mechanical pencil!

Also, I'm a gamer. My faves so far are:

:bulletblue: Fable series
:bulletblue: Mass Effect series
:bulletblue: Bioshock series
:bulletblue: Legend of Zelda series
:bulletblue: LA Noire
:bulletblue: Resident Evil series


:bulletpurple: COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN!!! :bulletpurple:

Art Trades Closed Stamp by izka197

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Ghost Adventures- ERMAHGERD by JustHannahful


Discarded Gems

A Fable Fic

Chapter 23

Anneleise watched in horror as the balverines suddenly were locked into battle, and the female known as Annabell had released a devastating howl to signal the others to attack. The girl immediately got to her feet and began to instruct the mercenaries for the fight, because they would be needing a lot of silver for this if they were to survive. Redd had grabbed Elia and pulled her behind him to hide her in a safe area, but there was barely a place to keep her, especially one where a balverine couldn't sniff you out. He looked around frantically as he held onto her forearm, Elia just followed blindly.

"Where to go..." He sighed anxiously.

"What about back toward Lookout Point? It's only up that way..." She pointed as her voice began to shake.

"That's all I can really do for ya." Redd sighed and began to quickly walk back toward the entrance. Elia ran along side him wordlessly, too afraid that she might attract unwanted attention with too much sound, and the mercenary began to laugh when they reached the archway.

"Run along now! Before they notice ye- Aaaahhh!" Redd had been forcibly yanked by his head and thrown back onto the ground, blood had been splattered all around him as he continued to scream.

Elia gasped as she saw the creature come toward her with its fangs bared and its eyes glowing. "Hello little girl..." It spoke, and the young girl screamed in horror. "I will enjoy killing you slowly, especially in front of your dear Lucas."

The girl began to run toward the entrance back to Lookout Point, but a large thorn-covered bush had been her downfall, causing her to trip. "No, please! I-I didn't do anything!" She begged through her fresh tears.

"Which makes this all the more fun!" Annabell laughed. She pounced upon the girl and swiped at her, scratching her face open and blood splattered across the creature's fur. The girl let out a blood curdling scream, then she kicked Annabell in the stomach, causing her to double back. She staggered in surprise and immediately went after the girl again.

Elia thought she was as good as dead so she squeezed her eyes shut and braced herself for more pain, but none came. She slowly opened one eye and saw Lucas fiercely clawing at the she-beast, growling and snarling at one another. She crawled away as she kept an eye on them, and once she was far enough away, she staggered to her feet and took off running toward Lookout Point. Lucas continued to assault Annabell for being so cruel to an innocent, and he was over taken with blind rage, so he wasn't about to ease up anytime soon.

Annabell cried out as chunks of skin and fur flew every which way while Lucas's claws swiped continuously ay her, the pain even more excruciating than when Reaver originally killed her. Lucas then brought his teeth down upon her throat, and he buried them within her jugular vein. She spat out blood onto the ground as it gurgled in her throat, then Lucas pulled away as his heavy breathing calmed.

"This... isn't over..." She began to cough as she lay on her back. "Reaver will... still find you."

"Then he will die just as you did. Choking on your own blood." Lucas growled in response.

Anneleise walked up behind him and looked over his shoulder down at the dying beast, and she quickly pulled out her miniature daggers as she looked down at her with pure hatred, then she spat at her. "Today's a good day for you, I'm feeling generous." Without another word, Anneleise brought both daggers down into Annabell's heart, and she gasped one last breath before she faded. The young mercenary yanked her weapons free and wiped the blood off onto her jacket, then she holstered them before turning to her brother. He remained in his beastly form, and she placed a hand against his furry cheek. "Oh Lucas... I'm so sorry brother..." She began to sob quietly as he looked at her with a sorrowful expression.

"Miss Anneleise, the boys want to get out of 'ere and put distance to this place." Marcus ran up to her and gently touched her shoulder.

"Alright, saddle up, we're leaving. Lucas, will you come with us?" She looked at him, hopeful that he would agree to tag along.

"I must find Elia. She's alone and injured. I'll meet you there, in the mountains?" He quickly shifted back to his human form and grabbed his pants.

"...Be safe, brother." She said after a moment of hesitation. She could still hardly believe the things she had seen within the last few hours of her day, let alone the past few weeks, but something deeper inside of her kept her going despite how hopeless things had seemed. Her leader and good friend had been murdered, her brother became the beast he feared the most, and her father had been the cause of it all. She sighed and watched as Lucas ran off into the direction that his friend escaped, then she quickly ran back toward the men waiting impatiently to leave. "Let's head out quickly." She instructed.

Stilts had brought Anneliese's horse to her and gave her a reassuring smile, even though he had no idea what 'adventures' lay ahead of them after their return to the mountains. Their friend took off on her horse in a quick shot, and the others followed with Marcus riding at her side, but they never heard the other set of hooves not too far behind them.


A voice called out into the night continuously as the moon reached its peak in the sky, but nothing followed save the hooting of a nearby owl. Lucas listened for any movement his ears could pick up, and he thought he heard a sharp intake of breath several meters ahead. He looked around, seeing nothing.

Crickets chirped as the night remained full of the sounds of nature, but Elia clasped her hand firmly over her mouth, afraid that the beast would find her. She began to cry in silence when she heard the sound of her friend's voice desperately calling out to her, too convinced that he was nothing more than an animal. 'He tricked me,' she thought sadly, 'he could have killed me...'

"Please, Elia! Come out, you know I mean you no harm." Tears welled up in his eyes as he continued to search for her, hoping she was going to be alright. "You've lost a lot of blood, please let me help you. I swore to help you back in Oakfield, and I swear I would have told you, but I was scared. I'm a coward, but I didn't want this!" He suddenly dropped to his knees and began to cry. "All I wanted was to find my real parents, and all I got in return is a curse placed upon me."

Elia listened as she remained hidden behind a large trunk of a tree, and she began to feel pity for Lucas, who showed her nothing but kindness even when he turned into a beast. "Forgive me my friend..." She whispered to herself in amazement. He had said this to her once he became the creature of lore, and she knew he was conscious the entire time. "I can't believe it." Fresh tears stained her cheeks as she resisted the urge to run to him, despite his sincerity.

Lucas looked around and again sniffed the air, and he could feel her near, but he wanted nothing more than to be trusted by his only friend in the world. "I must go to my sister in Mistpeak, just please get to a doctor. I would very much like for you to live." He rose to his feet and began to walk passed where he was hidden, but she didn't reveal herself. He let out a disappointed sigh and continued to walk past Lookout Point, straight to Bowerstone.

The girl shifted her weight and began to breath heavily once the young man was no longer in sight, and her mind had been spinning with so many different thoughts, but she looked up at the sky and it seemed to have calmed her nerves. With all the strength she had despite the blood loss of her wound, she bolted from behind the tree and took off running toward Bowerstone. "Lucas, wait!" She screamed.

Lucas had only gotten a few yards ahead, and he stopped suddenly as he heard the echoes of her yells, then he turned to greet her with a smile of relief as he watched the young woman run into his view.
Discarded Gems Chapter 23
This is the next chapter of my new Fable fic, Discarded Gems, which is dedicated to pixichi and harvestmoono
{There are references to The Balverine Order, in case none of you have read it. Thomas Kirkman and James Skelton are the main characters in the story, so I apologize for any spoilers!}

Anneleise, Lucas, Laurelai and Colin are all characters created by me.

Any Fable related character belong to Lionhead©

Raphael Dunnraven belongs to harvestmoono
Discarded Gems

A Fable Fic

Chapter 24

The group of mercenaries had been only a few miles ahead as Raphael followed the group hastily, but he knew how to keep his distance to where he couldn't be spotted, especially because of Anneleise. He would get her alone and force her to hear what he had to say, and she would have to believe him then. The horse beneath him strode at a moderate pace as it passed beneath the great archway of stone, walking toward the old Heroes Guild that was now completely buried by the earth.

Raphael looked around to see if he could notice any kind of tracks from their horses, hoping it would indicate which direction they had taken. Since there was no clue as of where they traveled, he decided to go through Millfields; that way it would be quicker to search for them. If he could beat Reaver and his beasts to the camp, then he could attempt to take them out.

Yards ahead through the clusters of trees and damp grass, Anneleise led the mercs down the broken path through Mourningwood, and there were nothing but smiles and cheers were shared among the small group as they rode on slowly. They had decided to stop for some small provisions for on their way back, and only a few had dismounted their horses to make the purchase. Anneleise was one of the main people to stay behind to keep an eye on her men, and there was chatter among them as the young woman smiled and listened. They agreed to hold a sort of ceremony in honor of their late captain and to give him a proper burial.

"Miss Anneleise, we must also speak of the mercenaries' fate; you were the closest to the captain and we have no leader.." Marcus stretched his limbs and sighed as he sat atop his horse, and it pained him to think of being unguarded and guided by no one.

The raven-haired woman turned and looked at him in surprise as the calm gusts of wind began to pick up slightly. "What are you saying...?"

"We'd be more than honored, in fact, to have you as our leader." He smiled as he looked ahead, then he turned as he noticed the villagers turning the lanterns up; the night sky was falling upon them.

"We'll speak of this later, Marcus. The men are back with the provisions." She smiled warmly and clicked her tongue to instruct the horse to move forward, and she smirked as they walked back and stuffed the saddlebags to the brim.

They got back on their way and had arrived past the old Mourningwood fort, where Anne's ears had picked up on loud ringing gun shots, and she was on high alert as she held up her hand to signal the men to stop. Everyone had been able to hear loud and clear the sound of screams, and Anneleise took off quicker than anyone had ever seen, and it took the men a moment to realize that she was gone. Marcus shouted and lead the rest of them onward to follow, and when they came to the fort's doors, the mercs were greeted with a large horde of Hollow Men. Anne yelled to her men to ready their weapons and hold their own as they rode around the large group, Anne noticed a small group of four or five soldiers stuck in the middle of the undead.

"Save them!" She demanded, but their screams soon filled the air, and only a single soldier had ducked and dodged his way toward the staircase leading up to the single mortar, and he had already lost a large amount of blood. It stained the stairs as he crawled away from the fighting, the mercenaries easily taking them down with their pistols, and Anneleise quickly hopped down and made her way toward the soldier.

He was frantic, in and out of consciousness as he dragged himself up to the top, but he had no idea that there was a handful of hollow men pursuing him. The larger one brought down his sword through the man's right shoulder, causing him to scream loudly and fall flat. Anneleise gasped as she fought her way through, her sword swung forcefully through their bones causing them to collapse into dust, and one by one they fell to the ground as their cursed spirits released into the air. She ran to the man's side and pulled the sword out of him with a quick fluid motion, and he let out another scream. She couldn't see his face, but he was splattered with blood from head to toe; he was the only survivor of the fort.

"Hey come on, we're gonna get you out of here." She said quietly, then she dragged him up to his knees and wrapped her arm around his torso, putting his body weight all on her as she walked slowly back to the doors. Marcus caught sight of them and shouted for the rest of them to cover her, which they did without hesitation. The soldier was barely conscious through any of what happened.

She pulled him past the skeletons who kept appearing from within the earth, they grabbed at their feet and tried to pull them down, but Anneleise kicked at them and made them stagger back. She growled in irritation as she continued to drag the sandy brown-haired soldier back to the horses, and the hollow men were finally diminishing.

"Keep going men! He's the last survivor, take him back with us!" She handed him off to Stilts and Booker -another of the mercenaries- and his body slumped in their arms as Anneleise ran off and assisted the last few of her men. They quickly got him onto Anneleise's horse and grabbed what they could to slow the bleeding, and they all grew anxious to leave before any more hollow men had shown up, and Anneleise bolted out and back to the horses. "Go, now now now!" She yelled and jumped onto her horse, cradling the unconscious soldier against her as she snapped the reigns and took off.

Before they took off down the trail, a large hollow man burst through the doors and let out a roar that shook in the night sky, and the Blood Pack put as much distance between them and the fort as they could. The trails through the rest of Mourningwood were sketchy due to the sound of howling in the distance, but they never seemed to be too close to them. Anneleise led the group out of the dangerously murky place and into Millfields, where they were mainly greeted with their fellow mercenaries.

Hours passed as they moved onward, and the early hours of dawn had finally approached them, and Anneleise couldn't help but smile happily as they neared the trail of the camp. The shouting from the men within the camp echoed of the mercenaries' return, and the men on their horses began to cheer and shout back with the same amount of happiness. The beaten group had finally arrived within the camp, and the young woman sighed as she noticed that the excitement had quickly vanished once the realization had hit them all; Saker was not among them. Their expressions turned grim and some of the men became saddened and upset, too angry to speak, but Anneleise jumped down from her horse and addressed them before things could escalate.

"Men of the Blood Pack!" She shouted with stern authority. "We have returned from our...confrontation with Reaver, and things took a turn for the worst. Our great captain Saker is dead." Murmuring from the crowd of men had erupted, a lot of cursing insults were also hurled at Reaver's very existence. "With some thought and careful consideration, with a proper vote, I have agreed to become your captain." Everyone gasped and began to mumble amongst themselves again, all eyes were on the young woman.

"Just think about it, gentlemen!" Marcus suddenly shouted. "She was a favorite of the captain, and our group has seen her in battle. Saker taught her well, and she is more than capable of leading us." Shouts of agreement followed from the large mass of people, and a roar of clapping broke out.

Because of the noise, no one heard the sound of trampling hoof beats coming from outside of the wall, but Anneleise had picked up on it within the last minute. "A horse approaches! Stay on your feet!" She shouted and withdrew her pistol from its holster. "Maintain your posts at the gate!" All of the men ran toward the front of the camp and cocked their guns and readied the homemade alcohol bombs they would throw, but to their surprise, it was only Dunnraven who approached.

Everyone eased up and sighed with relief, all except Anneleise and the group of men who had followed her into the battle. "What the hell do you want?" She shouted from the high post, quickly taking aim.

Raphael stopped his horse and looked up at her with slight fear in his eyes. "Anneleise, you have to understand, just please listen!" He called to her. "Just come down and talk to me!"

Marcus looked up at the young woman as he stood next to her horse with the unconscious soldier, and his expression revealed worry and anxiety, but Anneleise held her hand up before Dunnraven could get another word in. "Get the best shooters, take aim from up here and I'll give the signal if he should be dealt with." Her eyes remained fixated on the man below, then she jumped down and met him in front of the gate.

Raphael hesitantly jumped down and remained close to the large animal, stroking its mane calmly. "Were the guns really necessary?" He sighed. When the girl remained silent as she stared, he knew her answer. "Look, I needed to tell you before you get too ahead of yourself. Saker hired me to spy on Reaver, and the only way to gain his trust was to 'double cross' Saker, but he knew of our plans. Only Saker and I knew about it. But Reaver must have caught on in the end..."

Anneleise automatically thought he was lying to her, conveniently only those two knew of the plan, but she decided to let him finish talking before she shot him. "Why didn't anyone else know of this plan, because this makes you look like a traitor."

"I know, I know. This whole plan backfired because of that damn James fellow at Blackwood Manor, but either way, the damage is done. Please, let me resume my position within the Blood Pack."

"Only if you can prove your innocence, otherwise you'll be nothing more than a filthy untrustworthy traitor. I'll give you a week to stay amongst us, but you will reside near the outer camp trails." She turned away and walked back into the camp, where several of her men greeted her and spoke amongst themselves. The men sitting above on the walls seemed rather disappointed that they didn't get to shoot him, so they jumped down and gathered around her. "He is to remain, and has to prove his innocence or he will be shot to where he stands. He must be monitored while in the camp, and I'll do the first shift unless I must leave."

"So...does this mean you're our captain?" Stilts popped his head up and looked over into her ice blue eyes.

"Only if you'll have me." Anneleise smiled.

All of the men gave a cheer and a nod of approval, shaking her hand. "Welcome to the crew, cap'n." Marcus grinned.

Anneleise nodded with a smile. "Alright, we have a wonderful late captain to honor tonight, and a soldier to bandage up. Let's get started." She led the rest of the men and walked off and began to prepare for the funeral that the mercenaries would never forget.
Discarded Gems Chapter 24
This is the next chapter of my new Fable fic, Discarded Gems, which is dedicated to pixichi and harvestmoono
{There are references to The Balverine Order, in case none of you have read it. Thomas Kirkman and James Skelton are the main characters in the story, so I apologize for any spoilers!}

Anneleise, Lucas, Laurelai and Colin are all characters created by me.

Any Fable related character belong to Lionhead©

Raphael Dunnraven belongs to harvestmoono

Nickolai Townsend (The soldier) belongs to Vitriols

A Few Tests...

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 23, 2014, 10:37 AM
So lately I've been rewriting a couple of things for my fable fanfictions,
 and I have one test chapter that I kind of want to post and see how well it does
with you guys that are into the fandom. If you could leave your thoughts in the comments,
I would be more than grateful to you guys! :heart:
I know my writing hasn't improved much, but RPing has been helping me quite a bit :)

Thanks guys :iconblueheartplz:

Journal Skin by kinga-saiyans for Tinalbion | Art from… (edited)
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