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Fabled Blade Logos

:bulletblue: Those are only small examples, for I can do whatever I'm asked to do by my customers. I will accept either money orders (I'll note you with those extra details). And you can also personally email me with any questions or if you are interested. I am pretty flexible when it comes to doing specifics (aka any type of style: fan art, animals, realistic, Original Characters, ect.). I will work with my buyers one on one until they are completely satisfied, and I guarentee anything I do. I will also do 1 free sketch per customer to give them a feel on how I draw.

♥OPEN for Commissions♥

Logos (small): $5 EXAMPLE:…
Logos(medium): $10 EXAMPLE:…
Logos (large): $15 EXAMPLE:…


Head: $5 EXAMPLE:…
Head/Bust: $10 EXAMPLE:…
Full Body: $15 EXAMPLE:…
Full Body/ Several People (or characters) With Background: $20

Tattoo Sketches: Ranging from $2 to $20 (depending on the detail of the tattoo that you desire and the size)



1) No hentai of anykind.
2)LIGHT Yaoi and/or Yuri.
3) No vulgar fetishes.
4) LIGHT nudity.
5) Contact me through notes regarding commissions :handshake:
6) Please pay in advance, full or at least half.
7) Send any references like person, pose, colors, outfit, etc.


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United States

Well, you can call me Tina.

I signed up to become a deviant because I love drawing more than anything in the world, and it's an amazing feeling knowing that I can share my art with so many wonderfully talented people on here.

IT'S SO DARK, PEWDIE by medli20

Drawing is my passion and I have to draw something almost every day, even if it's just random doodles. I ALWAYS carry a mechanical pencil!

Also, I'm a gamer. My faves so far are:

:bulletblue: Fable series
:bulletblue: Mass Effect series
:bulletblue: Bioshock series
:bulletblue: Legend of Zelda series
:bulletblue: LA Noire
:bulletblue: Resident Evil series


:bulletpurple: COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN!!! :bulletpurple:

Art Trades Closed Stamp by izka197

Commissions Open Stamp by izka197

Point Commissions Closed Stamp by izka197

Requests Closed Stamp by izka197

Ghost Adventures- ERMAHGERD by JustHannahful


Dream Catcher Commish by Tinalbion
Dream Catcher Commish
So a friend from work has commissioned me yet again with another painting piece.
She wanted a dream catcher with her friends' last name in the webbing as a Christmas gift, and
it was a neat idea that I came up with by using actual feathers.
She enjoyed it very much, so I did my job right :heart:
Discarded Gems

A Fable Fic

Chapter 16

The moon shown brightly in the sky as the Blood Pack rode through the dangerous forests, keeping alert as they pounded faster upon their beasts to try and keep pace. Anneleise rode near the back with two others, and Saker led the group while he shot at anything that moved in his path. The sound of thundering hooves echoed through the trees as they continued on their path, and the sound had probably kept the monsters at bay.

The group had grown tired of their fast-paced trip. "When can we slow down?" Stilts whined. "What's he gonna do if he's workin' with Reaver anyway? We have him outnumbered."

"Reaver is dangerous and untrustworthy." Saker growled in response. "If he has evil things working for him, who knows what he could do to us. Bloody balverines can outnumber us any day."

Anneleise remained quiet as the small group chatted amongst themselves, but her curiosity always piqued when she had her mind set on something. "Hey," she leaned over and got Stilt's attention, "does anyone know how Reaver got involved with balverines in the first place?"

"Oh we don't exactly know that, but there are a few who have been attempting to spy on him, and a few have died doin' it." The merc explained. "Considering his past, he's apparently been 'round for many, many years. Over three hundred to be exact, and I would believe it, without a doubt, because he's dangerous."

The girl's heart sank as she thought about all of the terrible things he must have done after Oakvale, and if he was teaming up with wicked beasts, who really knew what he would be capable of.She wondered what would have driven him so mad as to destroy an entire village, but it was all irrelevant now. Ahead of the group, Saker slowed down and clicked his tongue, the horse below him coming to a complete stop.

"Alright lads, Marcus said he would leave us a trail, and he has led us to a secret passageway to Blackwood Manor. Keep a watchful eye, because even I don't know what lurks about in these here tunnels." Everyone watched as the captain began to move ahead, his horse keeping a moderate pace. Anneleise hopped down from the horse and stretched her legs as she walked alongside him, petting his short bristly fur as they began the dangerous walk of the tunnels.


Raphael smiled as he walked his horse around to the back of the manor and led him to the stables, Reaver had gone inside with Jim following right behind him. The man entered through the side door and placed his weapons down onto the table as he entered the kitchen. The large room was not what he had expected from a kitchen; the interior design was more modern than anything, and rather plain. A short blonde maid entered through the swinging doors and brought him a hot cup of tea, then she ran back out in search of Reaver, but Raphael grabbed her by the arm before she could disappear.

"Excuse me love, where is your wash room?" He smiled with a raised brow.

"Oh," she blushed and instantly glued her eyes to the floor, "leave the kitchen, then it's to your left down the hall." She chirped, and then she took off from the room with a look of embarrassment.  

Once the young man exited the kitchen, Jim had appeared at his side with his crooked smile, and he ran his fingers through his chestnut brown hair. "Ah, there you are Master Dunnraven. Reaver awaits you in his study. Oh and what was that earlier...about a girl?"

His curiosity about the girl had forced him to pry, which was a hobby of his the more time he spent around Reaver, and he had a need for juicy gossip. "I don't really think-"

"Oh please, he'll never know you told me." Jim grinned maliciously.

Raphael looked at him in disgust, then he turned away and began to make his way down the hall. "Guess you'll have to be in the study to find out." He called back to Jim. His lip twitched as he glared down the hall and walked away from the strange man. Raphael made his way to the study where Reaver had been awaiting him, his feet planted on his desk as he lounged back in his chair.

"Sit." He said as he gestured to a chair across from hi, and Raphael did as he was told. "So, your greeting this evening has made me quite curious, and that doesn't happen often. What makes you think there is a third child of mine running around out there, dear boy?"

"The girl keeps bringing up a Victor Cromwell, her last name is the same." He explained.

Reaver's eyes lit up and his face turned slightly white. "What makes you think that has anything to do with me?"

"I know who you are, Victor, destroyer of Oakvale. You own his journals, and your last entry was a dead giveaway. You have a child from years back, and I find it odd how she can survive for so long. When was this, like-"

"That is enough, Dunnraven. I don;t see how this is even possible. End of story." His fists slammed onto the desk as he heaved with anger. "It's not possible. Besides, I had a lovely wife and two children, I believe that is enough."

"It still makes no sense, Reaver. But she's on her way here with Saker and the others. She will know you are her father."

"And for her safety, if it is true, she will never find out. Besides, that's too much trouble for me with another child to be parading around. It'll damage my reputation, and she could become a burden. You will not tell her anything, because I will do whatever it takes to send her away." His words were cold and heartless as he gazed across the room at the old painting of his late wife, Sophitia.

Raphael listened intently as he let his mind reel, his thoughts spinning as he remained silent, and the man grinned as he pretended to give a damn what the deviant was saying. Sooner or later, Dunnraven's selfishness would come back to haunt him. "I could help you, for a price of course..."

Reaver chuckled and looked at the man with a glint in his eyes. "Ah dear Dunnraven, just like your father and very similar to me. Your greed and selfishness never cease to amaze me, dear boy. I can easily silence the both of you without so much as loosing a single piece of gold. On your way now, shoo! I must prepare for this unwelcoming visit." He laughed and quickly stood from his desk as he grabbed for his walking stick. He didn't even bother to look at Raphael as he walked toward the door, then he stopped and swung it open. "Oh, and Mister Dunnraven?" Reaver cooed.

Raphael remained silent as his eyes locked with his, and his fists clenched.

"If you try to pull any funny business, I'll have to plant a bullet in your skull." He smiled to himself and continued to leave the office, leaving the young man alone with his thoughts.

The young man reached up and twirled his mustache and began to think harder about the entire situation laid before him. Somehow, he had to use Anneleise to get to Reaver, which would be difficult all on its own due to him not giving a damn about anything but himself. Days like these always seemed to surface for the young Lord, but he could always find a way around them.
Discarded Gems Chapter 16
This is the next chapter of my new Fable fic, Discarded Gems, which is dedicated to :iconpixichi: and :iconharvestmoono:

Anneleise, Lucas, Laurelai and Colin are all characters created by me.

Any Fable related character belong to Lionhead©

Raphael Dunnraven belongs to :iconharvestmoono:

A Few Tests...

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 23, 2014, 10:37 AM
So lately I've been rewriting a couple of things for my fable fanfictions,
 and I have one test chapter that I kind of want to post and see how well it does
with you guys that are into the fandom. If you could leave your thoughts in the comments,
I would be more than grateful to you guys! :heart:
I know my writing hasn't improved much, but RPing has been helping me quite a bit :)

Thanks guys :iconblueheartplz:

Journal Skin by kinga-saiyans for Tinalbion | Art from… (edited)
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